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takes hold school on foot.

In forty-three countries 'advanced' initiative continues to grow. The Walk to School Day , green initiatives which has already yielded significant results. The first: families and students get used to it all year.

Paul Hutter
2008 This is the third annual Walk to school month, in October as the month dedicated to promoting the practice of going "to school by walking." Accessions from 43 countries, tens of thousands of schools, millions of students: we are not talking about the habit - or hard - every day millions of children in the Third and Fourth World can not do otherwise but the counter-trend of ecological and around schools' West rich, full of cars. After the individual car transport from home to school has become prevalent in some areas of Western cities and suburbs, after it was recorded as more than a quarter of total traffic at times of peak hours is the time of the alternative. But in general it is not a simple return to the past, the child who walks alone or with companions as it was up to 40 years ago: it is instead a complex, drawn from parents and teachers, activists and lay down any time the presence of some adult groups in the escort motorized pedestrian waive, at least for the last stretch. Accessions most conspicuous, as in previous years, are those of the Anglo-Saxon world. In the United States is still the fact that the UK has abandoned, or the "Walk to School Day" October 8, with thousands of participating schools in all 50 states. In some cases it is simply written to the register published in "" what is an everyday practice, in some it has gone on the symbolic. "At Cory Elementary School Denver Colorado public schools Superintendent Michael Bennet and the representative of the Governor, Barbara O Brian brought the official recognition of the environmental benefits of walking or cycling to school. For the occasion the school bus stopped a few blocks from the school so that students have dropped and walked in a group with parent volunteers for the remaining blocks. "It 's a grassroots international result of word of mouth through the Internet, educational networks, local newspapers, conferences of fans, has grown in step with the pedestrianization, restrictions on urban traffic, the revival of the bicycle as transportation and entertainment, but did not never broke down on the major media. With the expression "Walk to School" was born in the populous county of Hertfordshire, north London, between 94 and 95, when the campaign Travelwise local government financed and promoted the first groups of children. In a 96 week promotion was promoted at the national level, and a few months after the message is picked by the Chicago edition of 97. From here the story gets more complicated and diversified, because the week English takes her place in mid-May and at the same time comes the day of October, which then will result in the first International Day Oct. 4, 2000. In Monza, Italy adheres to the first, in the meantime 2001.Nel anonymous Genius of the usual educational Hertfordshire County pilot invented the formula of key school pedestrian mobility, the walking bus, walking bus or Pedibus in French and Italian. It 's a group of schoolchildren accompanied by two adults - the "driver" in front, "the controller" behind - who walk to school as a walking school bus. The line, which is the way, is always the same and "stops" are meetings with children who are accompanied to join the group or the waiting downstairs. The success of the crosses borders and prevents the reflux of the movement. In France, the targeting group, who studied the initiative when it was still practiced in Switzerland rather, he even tried to patent the brand Pedibus, while they were born, according to taste, also Pedobus, walking bus, Piedbus, Pas Bus etc. . In Lyon, there are over 150 routes daily, all supported by volunteer parents in turn. On balance, compared to the accompaniment daily by car, save time and money and health. The government of the metropolitan area (Grand Lyon) promotes, advertises, provides signs and harnesses if needed, but not charged anyone, but some experts formatore.Si multiply and repeat the Web sites and brochures that promote Pedibus - or even Bicibus - parents. "There are many reasons to walk," says the town of Birmingham "children and families not only reduce their emissions, but will exercise, gaining independence and making the roads safer by reducing congestion around schools. Remember also that there is 50% more pollution in the air you breathe in a car stuck in traffic out of the car in the same way. "The latest English invention - which brought them out of the identification of a precise date of the annual promotional day - is Wow the acronym on Wendesday Walk or Walk Once a Week, or at least one day a week. To promote and direct the Transport for London, the holding company of all transport of large capitale.Il Wow launch of this school year was Sept. 24 in Berlin the same day you experience a twinning between the first teenagers of a school and elementary school children, on the issue of pedestrian paths to school. According to reporters from Lausanne, the Swissinfo work for municipalities and environmentalists parents has raised the percentage of walking to and from school among the French, to return to the level of the Spartan Swiss German. In Italy the experiences there, especially in the cities of Emilia, but only sites dealing with and give visibility and coordinamento.Il peeps walking bus in the new program for children and teens will make my way that is aired on Rai Tre every Friday afternoon at 4:40 p.m. in Trabzon. Are thirty episodes filmed in many Italian cities and every child protagonist tells the story a bit 'adventurous and a bit' copy of his way to school. A Bordiglioni Stefano, the author was asked for a job that had targeted education especially the attention to road safety. "When I began to write did not even know there was a walking bus, and say that I am also a teacher in the province of Forlì, but no one had ever spoken. Now I have seen many, especially in Ravenna, and are a good thing. Not only for children who are happy. Empowering parents, the same people who until recently would go up with the car right on the steps of the school. "

article that appeared in" Friday "of the Republic of 10 October 2008


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